Use of the Possessive Case Rules

Use of the possessive case (Possessive case ఉపయోగము ).

1. The possessive case is noun used chiefly with the names of living things.

Use of the Possessive Case Rules : Possessive case ఉపయోగము : The possessive case is noun used chiefly with the names of living things.- paviacademy
Use of the possessive case Rules – paviacademy

possessive case ప్రస్తుతము ప్రాణమున్న వాటితోనే ప్రధానముగా ప్రయోగింపబడుతున్నది .
Examples 🙁ఉదాహరణలు )
The Governor’s body guard.
The Lion’s mane . Rama’s book .

2 . The possessive case should not be used with the names of non-living things.
ప్రాణములేని వస్తువుల పేర్లతో possessive case ను ఉపయోగించకూడదు.
Examples 🙁ఉదాహరణలు )
The leg of the table (not the table’s leg ).
The cover of the book (not the book’s cover).
The roof of the house (not the house’s roof ).

3 . The possessive case is used with the names of personified objects.
personified objects (మనుష్యత్వము ఆపాదింపబడిన వస్తువుల ) తో possessive case ఉపయోగబడుతుంది .
Examples 🙁ఉదాహరణలు )
India’s heroes; Nature’s laws; Fortune’s favourite ; At duty’s call ; at death’s door.

4 . The possessive case is used with nouns denoting time , space or weight.
కాలము , దూరము,బరువు ,తెలియజేయు పేర్లతో possessive case ఉపయోగబడుతుంది .
Examples 🙁ఉదాహరణలు )
A day’s march; A week’s holiday; In a year’s time ; A stone’s throw; A foot’s length; A pound’s weight.

5 . Possessive case is used in some common phrases.
కొన్ని సామాన్య పదబంధములతో possessive case వాడబడుతుంది.
Examples 🙁ఉదాహరణలు )
At his finger’s ends , for mercy’s sake ,to his heart’s content , at his wit’s end ,a boat’s crew.

6 . The words ‘Cathedral’, ‘house’ , ‘school’ ,’shop’ are often omitted after a possessive case .
Cathedral, house, school, shop అనే నామవాచకములు possessive case తరువాత తరచుగా వదిలివేయబడును.
Examples 🙁ఉదాహరణలు )
The memorial service for Lord Kitchener was held at St. Paul’s.
To-night I dine at my uncle’s (house).
I studied at St. Xavier’s (school).
You can get this at Kemp’s or Treacher’s (shop).

Exercise: 1 :

Pick out the nouns in the following sentences and say whether they are in the Nominative , Accusative, Possessive , Vocative or Dative case.

1.Children love their parents.
A : Children – Nominative
Parent – Objective
2.Gopal built a house .
A : Gopal – Nominative
House – Objective
3.Rama went to Sankar’s house.
A : Rama – Nominative
Sankar’s – Possessive
House – Objective
4.This is Ravi’s book .
A : Ravi’s – Possessive
Book – Nominative
5.Boys, come here .
A : Boys – Vocative
6.Ravi gave Hari a pen .
A : Ravi – Nominative
Hari – Dative
Pen – Objective
7.One must do one’s duty.
A : One – Nominative
one’s – Possessive
duty – Objective
8.Friends , let us go there.
A : Friends – Possessive
9.The Jews follow moses’ laws.
A : Jews – Objective
10.Raju bough his son a watch .
A : Raju – Nominative
Son – Dative
Watch – Objective

Exercise: 2 :

Put apostrophes where ever necessary.

1 . Childrens books .
A . Children’s books .
2 . Students companion.
A . Student’s companion.
3 . Indias greatness.
A . India’s greatness.
4 . Heros actions
A . Hero’s actions
5. M.P.s bungalow
A . M.P’s bungalow
6. Keats poetry
A . Keat’s poetry
7. Shakespeares plays
A . Shakespeare’s plays
8. Mothers love
A . Mother’s love
9 . Justice sake
A . Justice’ sake
10 . Moses laws
A . Moses’ laws

Exercise: 3 :

Change the following possessives in to the plural.

1 . Woman’s dress
A . Women’s dresses
2 . Elephant’s trunk
A.Elephant’s trunks
3 . Boy’s book
A. Boy’s books
4 . Chemist’s shop
A . Chemist’s shops
5 . Camel’s hoof
A . Camel’s hooves
6 . Lion’s paw
A . Lion’s paws
7 . Child’s book
A . Children’s books
8 . Man’s clothes
A . Men’s clothes
9 . Cow’s milk
A . Cow’s milk
10 . Girl’s song.
A . Girl’s songs .

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